Reaching out to all with God's love in a bold and often challenging fashion.

Some of the Lifeline Gospel Tracts represent a strong wake-up call. (‘Lifeline’, ‘What would you say?’ and ‘No.1 Question’) while others gently and tenderly impart God’s great love and care (‘God loves you’, ‘I’m Special’ and ‘This Leaflet’). The cross is at the heart of the LGT tracts and its true significance is laid out clearly to the reader. Some of the tracts are very pictorial (‘Missing Piece’ and ‘His One Mistake’). We find the tracts are easy to give out especially as those distributing them have confidence in them and more importantly in God’s word that is contained in them. 


 All the tracts are colorful and are intended to catch both the eye and the interest. They are printed on high spec machines to a high quality so the recipient is able to tell straight away that they have received a product that deserves respect. On many of the tracts, the gospel is introduced on page three after the reader has had their interest awakened. The tracts are appropriately enriched with God’s word and as such we expect lives to be changed as has often been the case.


 There is a variety in the range that caters for a particular individual, moment or mood. They are as relevant and suitable both in one to one situations as well as in large gatherings. 


 The tracts are very much ‘to the point’ and in this 9 to 5 busy age, the recipient is more inclined to take something that is not too demanding on their time especially when the cover design is attractive and even alluring. It is hoped that the tracts will eventually get into homes where some of the occupants rarely get out so that they have a chance to read the gospel.

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